Did You Know ??? (Part 1)

Posted: 22nd February 2012 by Achmad Fawzy in Science, Top 7, Unique
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1. Did you know Niagara Falls never stops flowing! 
On the morning of March 29, 1948 is a special day. The tourists who visit Niagara Falls on the American-Canadian border was baffled when it stops flowing waterfall. They watched the waterfall dries up, leaving only rocks with some standing water in the bottom of the river. What makes Niagara dries? Strong winds and big chunks of ice seems to have blocked the flow of Erie Fund is the source of Niagara Falls, so the waterfall is to “disappear”. Approximately thirty minutes after the Niagara stops flowing, chunks of ice had broken, and the subsequent flow of water back flowing fast, and Niagara Falls roaring back, until now.

2. Did you know The origin of zero.

 Have you ever noticed why the tennis match or an international badminton is always zero called “love”? The use of “love” to point zero, was derived from the past while developing tennis sport in the country of France. For the French audience, the number 0 looks like an egg, so they
called it “l’oeuf” to indicate zero.When the tennis game is to cross the sea to Britain, the term “l’oeuf” is also carried on, but the British call it by spelling “love”. That’s the origin of sports like tennis and badminton using the term “love” to refer to zero.

3. Did you know that the loudest voices 

According to scientists, animal has the loudest voice is the blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus), who also holds the title as the largest animal on earth. Blue whale sounds louder than the voice of Harley Davidson. Even harder than it sounds the loudest rock concert, and also louder than a bomb. How hard is the blue whale sounds?Sound is 188 decibels fish ..! This figure is equal to 1 million times the jet engine sound (which reach 120-130 decibel loudness level). Keep in mind that the loudness level increases logarithmically. This means that every increase of 10 decibels means the sound intensity increases by 10 times. This is one reason for us all to be grateful that the blue whale lives in the sea.

4. Do you know if Scrooge earned pieces of good fortune when he was working so shoeshine and shoe polish person she was mine workers, who got the puck from his father’s Scrooge, with the aim of motivating the small Scrooge

5. Do you know if the donald duck was the only legitimate heir rather than Scrooge as he is the child of Scrooge’s sister is dortel (mama donald). While others such as profit ponakan2x didi etc. it is a descendant of the nephew of his father Donald, so there is no direct blood relations of Scrooge

6. Did you know that Ginkobiloba has the effect of the blood which means making it more difficult wound closed, and garlic has the effect of the blood coagulating.

7. Did you know? Bill Gates was once fired from Apple and re-employed as paid only U.S. $ 1 and are willing to be fired at any time.