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11 May 2022
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“Call Me Wild Child” [Extreme Island Forest]sees the fortunate healing of male gods and goddesses

Dry spell puts North Island forest management on high alert |

Nature class for adults and children! “Extreme Island Forest” Chen Bolin challenged the real ceiling to play in the secret realm, and let’s take an adventure with “Call Me Wild Child” saying goodbye to the sofa potato!

LINE TV’s original works this time, the newly launched “Jidao Forest” can be said to have come to the ceiling of the reality program. In addition to the improvement of production specifications, the host is also played by the drama god Chen Bolin; the other “Call Me Wild Child” is Let adults and children feel the original intention of exploring the wilderness; the two works will be launched alternately, which will immerse the audience in different reality programs.

“Extreme Island Forest” sees the fortunate healing of male gods and goddesses
How to feel the real and natural entertainment in the daily action shooting, and at the same time satisfy the imagination of peeping into the lives of big stars? The upcoming LINE TV original brand-new reality program “Extreme Island Forest” will invite different heavyweight guests in each episode and explore nature through a reality show, and will also arouse fans’ enthusiasm in unadorned interactions. focus on.

In addition to going deep into Taiwan’s forests and village tribes, Chen Bolin, the soul of the show, will also experience forest adventures such as camping in the wild. Of course, the appearance of food in nature is even more indispensable. When viewed through the camera at zero distance, the private appearances of celebrities such as male gods and female stars, even if they are not everyday, but their every move is also exciting.

This time, Chen Bolin has shown a strong network of contacts. The invited guests have a lot of background. The mysterious guests exposed before the broadcast include Liu Guanting, as well as friends who have known for a long time Guo Xuefu, Xie Xinying, Gui Lunmei, and the luxurious lineup and Chen Bolin have a warm and sincere dialogue. It is necessary to deliberately create a familiar atmosphere, that is, to make each other smile happily from the heart.

Among them, Xie Xinying experienced the exciting canopy zipline, river tracing and other adventures; Liu Guanting tried fishing and wild cooking; and when cooking with Guo Xuefu, Chen Bolin and Chen Bolin quarreled with each other in “Boiled Tomato”, and saw the strong In addition to friendship, it also presents a contrasting image outside the drama. The random and compact shooting of many scenes has stabilized the fun of the two people’s gestures.

Of course, the most eye-catching focus of the show is the real interaction between Chen Bolin and Gui Lunmei under their 20-year friendship. The two of them made a mistake in making roast chicken, and Chen Bolin blurted out: “It’s a mistake, we are idiots!” The interaction under the creative cooking not only has the beauty of recalling the old love, but also ignited the mellow and unchanging revolutionary emotions of the two when they debuted.

It is like reflecting the main axis of the program, returning to nature, and returning to the original intention. Under the stacking of situations, the sparks under the turbulent layers are the daily life they get along with. The reality exists in the moment, without deliberate packaging, it is the best picture.

At the same time, the program also cooperates with local residents, and finds the earth doctor through clues, and restores the appearance of the land by hand. In addition to passing on knowledge related to plants and ecological protection, it also accompanied the cute companion “Shishi Inu Afuri” in the show. During the healing of travel and exploration, he saw the unnoticed beauty of the forest.

The real environment that only appears in the dream, the beauty at a glance from the camera, is the feedback of yearning and cherishing. “Extreme Island Forest” will become a new vision of Taiwan’s comprehensive healing variety show in the adventure of embarking on the secret realm of Taiwan’s precious treasures, allowing the audience to re-understand this land, and will add a sense of tranquility and satisfaction.

“Call Me Wild Child” There is a wild child in everyone’s heart
This program can be called the children’s version of “Extreme Island Forest”. It is also the first children’s reality in Taiwan that allows children to experience natural life. It took a total of one and a half years to produce and a total of 8 units, including going up the mountain and going to the sea, and even experience Rural life, etc., one by one in the experience to find the experience that is not available in the city.

Among them, the “collection” unit recruited two children from the metropolitan area, Chen Jie and Xianrong. One was a star school student who was overwhelmed by schoolwork, and the other was not good at reading and only loved insects. The two came to Hualien to participate in the ultra-strict collection training, overcoming obstacles and walking on a road without a road. Along the way, they had to eat a bunch of plants they had never eaten before, and they had to learn terrible skills.

The seemingly interesting but adventurous “hunting” unit is attended by two friends, Mantou and Rafa, who are classmates at school. They have very different personalities. One is lively and active, the other is shy and timid. After a series of tests, including imitating animals to walk on wild trails, exercising wild life skills, and having to stay in the dark forest at night to spend the thrilling time.–627a89eacaefb90678d17889

In other units, they will also experience various fishing methods in the intertidal zone, and even look for shrimps in the sea with headlamps in the dark. Going farther to Lanyu to experience the life of the Dawu people, whether it is fishing, catching crabs, planting taro fields, chopping firewood, making fires, etc., all activities are real; at the same time, in rural life, the children are half exhausted by planting rice seedlings alone. You have to take care of ducks, pick up snails, and harvest. During these experiences, they each revealed their troubles in life, including the difficulty of interpersonal life.,54550241.html

In the program, students make fire, cook, and set up temporary shelters in the forest. They are not just walking horses and watching flowers, but also a suburban natural experience, allowing children to shoot dart guns in the forest, climb water vines and swing on a swing to release pressure, etc., and truly use perception and nature. integrated. Of course, from the show, the voices of adults can also be regurgitated. Perhaps those who are quiet can only touch the natural features of the world with their five senses. In addition to changing the vision of children, they can also have the opportunity to heal our hearts!