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Dear Riders! Here are Tips for Safe Riding a Child Riding a Motorcycle

30 July 2022

PARENTS should not arbitrarily ride their child on a motorbike. The reason is wrong, safety is at stake. Parents must be careful when riding a motorcycle to stay safe on the road.

Never drive a motorbike at high speed and break through traffic. So, here are tips for safe riding a motorbike for children, as reported by various sources:

1. Don’t put the child in front

Parents should not get used to putting their children in front when riding a motorcycle. Besides being less safe, it can also cause children to get sick due to exposure to strong winds.

It’s safer, the children are piggybacked. But make sure to invite a companion who can protect him, so the position of the child is flanked in the middle of the motorbike. That way, the child will be more protected.

2. Don’t speed up

Speeding on the road will be very risky for safety. So never do it even though the road is quiet. Make sure to drive at a speed of 60 km / h, no more than that.

3. Obey traffic signs

Obeying traffic signs will minimize the risk of accidents, for that while driving, especially when carrying a child, make sure not to violate it. Do not run red lights or go against the road.

In addition to safety, always obeying traffic signs will also set a good example for children to obey the rules on the highway that have been set.

4. Stop when it rains

Don’t force yourself to drive when it’s raining. Find a safe place to take shelter for a while. Forcing gaspol to continue is very accident-prone, on the other hand children can get sick because their endurance is also different from adults.

5. Use standard equipment

The last tip to safely ride a child is to use standard equipment. Use a helmet, trousers, jacket, and shoes. This equipment must also be used by children so that they are both safe.