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Otofacial Syndrome Left Chicago’s Joseph Williams Without Jaw

23 May 2022
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Otofacial Syndrome Left Chicago’s Joseph Williams Without Jaw, He Refused To Give Up
Joseph Williams underwent a number of surgeries in Chicago, as doctors tried to construct a jaw but he said his body rejected it.

A man who was born without jaw and bullied his entire life has said that love saved his life after surviving decades of feeling “worthless”. Forty-one-year-old Joseph Williams from Chicago was quoted as saying by that others struggling with challenges like him also deserve more out of life.
“Dating was also hard for me because I had such low self-esteem and felt worthless, but when I started believing in myself and realised I deserved more, I ended up finding my wife,” he told the publication.

Mr Williams was born with a rare congenital disorder called otofacial syndrome. It is caused by a mutated gene and left him unable to speak or eat with his mouth.

Due to the condition, Mr Williams uses sign language and consumes food through a tube.
“I can’t eat, speak or even breathe properly,” he said. “I have a tube in my stomach, which I can place blended food into, but this means that I have never tasted food.”
But these issues did not stop Mr Williams from living his life.
“I understand that I am different and that some people will think I am ugly and not accept me, but I am still a person who has a heart, feelings and a brain,” said the 41-year-old, who works as a welder. “I should be treated with respect, just as anyone else should be,” he added.
According to a report in the New York Post, when he was growing up, Mr Williams was constantly told about things he couldn’t do. “But I didn’t want my condition to hold me back and I didn’t want to be limited.”
Mr Williams underwent a number of surgeries in Chicago, as doctors tried to construct a jaw but he said his body rejected it.

-How An Energy Expert Triggered Vladimir Putin With One Word
US Shale Oil Gas: Daniel Yergin, the vice chairman of S&P Global, discussed the incident on the latest episode of the “What Goes Up” podcast.
Daniel Yergin was at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in 2013 when he got a daunting request: Could he pose the first question from the audience to Vladimir Putin?
“I started to ask a question, I mentioned the word ’shale,’” he recalls, referring to a once-unconventional source of oil and natural gas that by then was flowing freely in the U.S. due to advances in production techniques. “And he started shouting at me, saying shale’s barbaric.”

Yergin, the vice chairman of S&P Global, discussed the incident on the latest episode of the “What Goes Up” podcast, along with other insights from his book “The New Map: Energy, Climate, and the Clash of Nations.” US shale oil and gas have had a much bigger impact on geopolitics than people recognize, Yergin says. It has posed a threat to Putin in multiple ways, especially as US natural gas would compete with Russia’s in Europe.

Below are lightly edited and condensed highlights of the conversation.

Q: How did the US become a big oil and gas producer?

A: It was a revolution. We had eight presidents in a row, starting with Richard Nixon right up through Barack Obama, saying ‘We want to become energy independent.’ And it seemed a joke, it was never going to happen. But there was this technology called shale, which really involves hydraulic fracturing, as it’s called, combined with horizontal drilling. And there was one really obsessed individual — it’s so interesting, the role of obsessed individuals in economic change — named George P. Mitchell, who was convinced if you just worked somehow, even though the textbooks said it was impossible, you could make it work. And for 20 years, 25 years people scoffed, but then it did work. And even his own company, people were telling him not to spend money on it. But if he hadn’t spent that money, I’m not sure that we would’ve been where we were.

And then in the early 2000s, you started to see wildcatters — independents, as they’re called — small companies starting to adapt that technology. And then people said, ‘Oh, US natural gas supply, instead of going down is going up. And then they said, well, if it works for gas, maybe it works for oil too — in about 2008, 2009. So this all really happened in that period from about 2008, that’s when it all really began, the shale revolution. And it just took the US from an entirely different position. And if you had told people in 2002 that the US was going to be the world’s largest oil producer, larger than Russia, larger than Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest producer of natural gas, and this year, the world’s largest exporter of LNG, they would’ve said you’re living in a fantasy world.

Q: It occurred to me as I was reading your book that the US going from being renowned as the biggest consumer of energy in the world to now a major producer almost escalates the geopolitical tensions. Does it make America’s influence different in this environment?
A: That’s absolutely right. I deal with a lot of things from Ukraine to climate in the book, but I start with shale because shale’s really had a much bigger impact on geopolitics that people recognize. The story I tell in the book is when I was in St. Petersburg at a conference where Putin was speaking — 3,000 people there — I was told to ask the first question. I started to ask a question, I mentioned the word ’shale.’ And he started shouting at me saying shale’s barbaric. He knew that US shale was a threat to him in two ways. One, because it meant that US natural gas would compete with his natural gas in Europe, and that’s what we’re seeing today. And secondly, this would really augment America’s position in the world and give it a kind of flexibility it didn’t have when it was importing 60% of its oil.

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The question started off innocuously. I was going to ask him a normal question about diversifying your economy. And I said ’shale,’ and to be shouted at by him in front of 3,000 people, a really unpleasant experience. The other person on the stage was chancellor Merkel, who was chancellor of Germany for 16 years. And you can see the enmity between the two. But Merkel’s now being criticized for policies like shutting down nuclear that led to Germany being more dependent on Russian gas. And the judgment of history is shifting a little bit.

Q: How did everyone get Russia so wrong?

A: Now there’s a kind of revisionism that the world shouldn’t have traded with Russia, shouldn’t have tried to integrate Russia into the world economy, particularly as Putin got more and more authoritarian. But, you say, well, what was the alternative? To leave it festering there? The best thing was to get it anchored in the world. Putin, he’s been in power now almost as long as Joseph Stalin. And I think he was becoming more and more authoritarian and people who have known him over the years said that Covid changed him. He was isolated for two years. He wasn’t meeting Western business people. He wasn’t meeting Western government officials and so forth. So I don’t think there was an alternative to not trying to integrate Russia into the world, but obviously what’s happening now is the world, at least the Western world, is slamming the door on Russia.
Q: Is Europe going to be able to just soldier on without succumbing to Russia and their demands when it starts getting colder again?

That’s the question that’s really weighing now because in terms of oil, there’s enough crude oil in the world. You have to move it around, but between strategic stocks, between demand being down in China, you can manage that. When you get into products like diesel, it gets harder. And then you’re going to the hardest thing with natural gas, and that is exactly as you go into the winter. So the big question now is can they fill storage so that they can get through the winter, and, by the way, not only stay warm, but keep industry operating. And I think we can say that Putin made a series of decisions which kind of were irrational — that his army was really good, that Ukraine wouldn’t be able to resist, that the US had just gone through getting out of Afghanistan and was deeply divided, that Europe was so dependent on his energy that they would say, ‘OK, this is terrible, but life goes on.’ And none of that happened. But I think he’s still calculating. And he said that ultimately this energy disruption — and we are in a huge disruption of energy markets — would be such a big threat to the European economy that the coalition that now exists would fall apart. I think that’s his wager right now. And the Achilles heel is what you pointed to: what happens as Europe goes into the fall and winter. And we’ve had at least one German, very prominent industrialist, who said, ‘This is too dangerous for the European economy. We should negotiate something with Putin.’

-3 Covid Shots Generate Good Response In Under-5s: Pfizer-BioNTech
Pfizer Covid vaccine: The announcement comes as the FDA is planning meetings in the coming weeks to weigh authorizing Covid vaccines.
Washington: The Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vaccine is safe and effective for children aged six months to under five years when given in three doses, the companies said in a statement Monday.
The announcement comes as the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is planning meetings in the coming weeks to weigh authorizing Covid vaccines among the youngest children, the only age group who are not yet eligible in most countries, a source of concern to many parents.
Pfizer-BioNTech evaluated three doses, given at three micrograms, in a clinical trial and found the vaccine evoked a strong immune response. Side effects were similar in the vaccine and placebo groups.

Vaccine efficacy was 80.3 percent, according to a preliminary estimate.

“We are pleased that our formulation for the youngest children, which we carefully selected to be one-tenth of the dose strength for adults, was well tolerated and produced a strong immune response,” said Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla in a statement.
“We look forward to soon completing our submissions to regulators globally with the hope of making this vaccine available to younger children as quickly as possible, subject to regulatory authorization,” he added.

The FDA has tentatively scheduled three dates in June where experts will meet and likely decide whether to authorize the Pfizer Covid vaccine for under-fives and the Moderna vaccine for under-sixes, which is given as two shots of 25 micrograms.
The agency was originally set to evaluate the Pfizer vaccine given as two doses in February, but data showed it did not provoke a strong enough immune response in children aged two to four. The FDA then asked to see data for a third shot.

-Russia Claims It Fired Cruise Missiles To Destroy Ukrainian Weapons
Russia will head into the fourth month of its invasion of Ukraine on Tuesday with no end in sight to the fighting that has killed thousands.
Russia’s defence ministry on Monday said it had fired four Kalibr missiles from a submarine in the Black Sea to destroy the military equipment of a Ukrainian mountain assault brigade, the TASS news agency reported.
It was not immediately possible to verify the report.
Meanwhile, Russia will head into the fourth month of its invasion of Ukraine on Tuesday with no end in sight to the fighting that has killed thousands, uprooted millions and reduced cities to rubble.

After abandoning its assault on the capital, Kyiv, Russia is pressing on in the east and south in the face of mounting sanctions and a fierce Ukrainian counter-offensive bolstered by Western arms.

87 People were killed in a Russian air strike on the village of Desna last Tuesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said on Monday during a speech to global business leaders at Davos.
Ukrainian authorities last week had said that eight people were killed in the strike on Desna, located in the northern Ukrainian region of Chernihiv.

-Over 6.5 Million People Left Ukraine Since War Began: UN Refugee Agency
Russia-Ukraine War: Since Russia’s invasion on Feb. 24, 6,538,998 refugees have left Ukraine, with the majority of them entering Poland.
Berlin: More than 6.5 million people have fled Ukraine since Russia’s invasion in late February, the U.N. refugee agency said.
Since Russia’s invasion on Feb. 24, 6,538,998 refugees have left Ukraine, with the majority of them entering Poland.

-Ukraine’s Zelensky Appeals For More Weapons In Davos Summit
Russia-Ukraine War: President Volodymyr Zelensky also urged to maximise sanctions against Moscow.
Davos: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky used the Davos summit on Monday to appeal for more weapons for his country and “maximum” sanctions against Moscow.
Speaking by videolink, Zelensky told the World Economic Forum that tens of thousands of lives would have been saved if Kyiv had received “100 percent of our needs at once back in February” when Russia invaded Ukraine.
“This is why Ukraine needs all the weapons that we ask (for), not just the ones that have been provided,” said Zelensky, flanked by Ukrainian flags and wearing an olive green T-shirt.

Zelensky called for an oil embargo on Russia, punitive measures against all its banks and the shunning of its IT sector, adding that all foreign companies should leave the country.

“There should not be any trade with Russia,” he told the gathering of the world’s political and business elites.
“I believe there are still no such sanctions against Russia — and there should be.”

While the United States, Britain and Canada have moved to ban Russian oil and gas, the European Union has been divided over imposing similar measures. EU members such as Germany and Hungary are heavily dependent on energy supplies from Russia.
The war in Ukraine is dominating the discussions in Davos, the first WEF meeting in more than two years. The Covid pandemic forced the cancellation of the 2021 in-person event and the postponement of this year’s confab until May.

Leclerc takes pole ahead of Verstappen at Spanish GP

22 May 2022
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MONTMELÓ, Spain (AP) — Charles Leclerc’s perfect weekend at the Spanish Grand Prix was almost ruined when his Ferrari spun to a stop late in qualifying.

Instead of panicking, Leclerc showed championship-caliber cool.

He got his car back to the garage for a new set of tires, then ripped off a last-gasp lap to bump reigning Formula One champion Max Verstappen for the pole in Saturday qualifying.

Leclerc shouted “that was good!” after his run in the closing moments of the third round of qualifying.

“I did a mistake on my first run, but in the end I made it stick,” Leclerc said. “Very happy with that lap and that I made it work with the only chance I had.”

Leclerc went 1 minute, 18.750 seconds around Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. He dropped Verstappen in a Red Bull to second by a margin of 0.323 seconds as Leclerc won his fourth pole of the season and 13th of his career.

Does he have more for Sunday?

History indicates the race should be Leclerc’s to control: the pole-sitter in Spain has won 23 out of 31 times because the track has so few passing zones.

Verstappen, however, seemed unbothered by a mechanical problem on his Red Bull that prevented him from taking the pole away from Leclerc with Verstappen’s own late run. And, Verstappen was third at the start in Miami two weeks ago behind the Ferrari’s of Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Jr., and the Dutchman clawed past both of them for a second-consecutive victory.

The back-to-back wins shaved Leclerc’s lead over Verstappen to 19 points in the standings headed into Sunday’s race.

No matter the momentum that Verstappen currently has, he was one of the few drivers who failed to win from the pole in race history when he was beat last year by Lewis Hamilton.

Verstappen took a shot at bumping Leclerc but his DRS flap failed to open on his final run and ruined his chance. Now he’s banking on Red Bull’s good long runs and tire preservation skills to beat Leclerc come Sunday.

“It is a shame because I would have liked a last run,” said Verstappen, who got his first career win here in 2016. “Tomorrow will be very hot and this track is very hard to pass but hopefully it will kinder on our tires.”

Verstappen said Red Bull was looking into the malfunction. When his Red Bull hasn’t failed him, Verstappen has proven faster than Leclerc, whose two wins in Bahrain and Australia came after his top rival had to retire. Verstappen has won all three races that he has finished.

Meanwhile, Spain’s best chance at a win in its own grand prix took a decent turn when Sainz qualified third to put both Ferrari’s near the front.

Mercedes showed a significant turnaround from the struggles its had through the first five races of the season with its new car. George Russell qualified fourth and once again outran new teammate Hamilton, who has won the last five races here. The seven-time champion qualified sixth, with Red Bull driver Sergio Pérez sandwiched between the Mercedes drivers.

Leclerc, who was also fastest in all three practice sessions ahead of qualifying, snapped a streak of nine consecutive poles for Mercedes at the 4.6-kilometer (2.8-mile) circuit.

Qualifying for Sunday’s race was held on a warm, sunny day at the track near Barcelona. Although large parts of Spain are under a heatwave alert with May temperatures that rank among the hottest in two decades, it was a still bearable 34 C (93 F) during qualifying.

Ferrari is one of several teams that arrived in Spain with upgrades to their 2022 cars and was hopeful the team can stop Verstappen. But hot temperatures should make tire management key over the 66-lap race on a track notorious for being tough on rubber. Leclerc complained about it during Friday’s practice.

“I am in a strong position to start the race, but I have been struggling with my tires and with Max right behind, if we don’t manage them well we will lose that advantage,” Leclerc said.

Former champions Sebastian Vettel and local favorite Fernando Alonso both failed to advance out of the first qualifying round. When told by Aston Martin team radio that he was 16th, Vettel replied “you must be kidding.”

Alonso has not had a joyous homecoming so far. He qualified 17th for Alpine, accused the FIA of incompetence in race control, and was penalized during one of Friday’s practices.

Spain’s greatest driver has struggled this season and the two-time F1 champion has scored only two points, while Alpine teammate Esteban Ocon has scored 24.

Mick Schumacher clocked the 10th best time after his Haas needed a new gearbox because its back right wheel caught fire during the third practice session earlier on Saturday.

Over 100,000 fans are expected at the first Spanish GP with full spectators since 2019; the public was not permitted to attend in 2020 and only 1,000 fans were allowed inside in 2021 because of pandemic restrictions.

South Korean investors sue Do Kwon over the collapse of Luna and UST

21 May 2022
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South Korean investors sue Do Kwon over the collapse of Luna and UST

After the collapse of Luna and UST, co-founder of Terraform, Do Kwon is now facing legal pressure from affected Korean investors. They have filed criminal and civil charges, in addition to an order to seize Kwon’s assets.

According to Korean news outlet Munhwa, investors UST and LUNA filed in court to confiscate Kwon’s property this week, while also charging him with a fraud case. They will be represented by law firm RKB & Partners, where 6 attorneys have reviewed complaints against the CEO.

“There are related investors within the law firm, and we plan to file a complaint against CEO Kwon at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Financial Investigation Unit,” said Kim Hyeon-kwon, partner at LKB & Partners, quoted from Cryptopotato, Friday (20/5/). 2022).

Kwon became the target of the crypto industry’s ire after the stablecoin UST lost its stake against the dollar. Its stabilization mechanism also caused Terra’s governance token, LUNA, to hyperinflate, reducing its value to nearly zero.

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Many big investors in protocol such as one of the British Youtuber, KSI witnessed LUNA’s multimillion dollar position collapse.

As a result, Kwon could be summoned to appear before the South Korean government to testify about the collapse of every cryptocurrency. National politician Yun Chang-Hyun has requested that Kwon and other local crypto exchange executives explain their actions while the de-peg is underway.

That’s not all. Next week, a new Korean group called “Victims of Luna, UST coins” will file a lawsuit against co-founders Do Kwon and Shin Hyun-Seong for fraud and illegal fundraising. More than 1500 people are members of the group.

Even so, no lawsuit from “Victims of Luna, UST coins” has reached the courts yet, but it will likely be soon.

Disclaimer: Every investment decision is in the hands of the reader. Study and analyze before buying and selling Crypto.

South Korea Launches Emergency Investigation into Falls of LUNA and UST
Previously, South Korea’s top financial regulator had launched an emergency investigation into the collapse of cryptocurrency LUNA and stablecoin UST. Authorities have asked domestic cryptocurrency exchanges to provide information relating to transactions and investors of the two coins.

Last week, UST lost its peg against the US dollar, sending UST and terra (LUNA) prices in free fall. The Financial Services Commission (FSC) and the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS), have asked local cryptocurrency exchange operators to share information relating to UST and LUNA, sources told the news outlet.

An official from a local crypto exchange operator said:

“Last week, financial authorities requested data on the number of transactions and investors, and measured relevant measures on exchanges,” the official said.

“I think they did it to put in place measures to minimize damage to investors in the future,” he continued.

Information requested by the authorities includes trading volume, closing price and relevant number of investors. The regulator also asked the exchange operators to provide their countermeasures against the recent crypto market crash and analysis of the causes of the collapse.

UST and LUNA were discovered by Kwon Do-hyung (aka Do Kwon), a South Korean citizen. His company, Terraform Labs, was founded in Singapore. Since the collapse of the two cryptocurrencies, Kwon has made several plans to revive the coin but nothing has worked out so far.

Kwon’s wife reportedly sought police protection after an unidentified man trespassed into their apartment building in South Korea. According to media reports, the man was later identified as the investor who lost around USD 2 million or around Rp. 29.2 billion in the LUNA collapse.

‘This is not saving, this is destruction’: Ukrainian MMA champion Yaroslav Amosov recounts the horrors of war

21 May 2022
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As MMA fighter Yaroslav Amosov walks through the streets surrounding his hometown of Irpin, which sits around 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) west of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, there are fleeting moments when it seems like an ordinary day in May.

The skies are clear and quiet, and birds can be heard chirping in the trees overhead. Amosov describes the evening as “calm.”
But for many Ukrainians, such moments have been few and far between since Russia began its invasion on February 24 and every few steps, Amosov is reminded of the destruction Vladimir Putin’s war has brought to his homeland.
Back in April, local authorities said around 50% of Irpin’s critical infrastructure had been destroyed.
“It’s hard to look at your city that was once full of happiness, life,” Amosov, a reigning world champion, tells CNN Sport in an exclusive interview from Ukraine.
“It was always very beautiful here, people were happy, they were happy with their life and took pleasure in it.
“Then simply to look at the city now, which is on fire, which is getting destroyed and it becomes horrible to look at. You couldn’t really go driving around the city because the roads were covered with trees, in some places, there were parts of houses. Destruction.”
The Ukrainian is one of the best pound-for-pound fighters of his generation and, at 26-0, currently holds the longest active unbeaten streak in all of MMA. On May 13, he should have been defending his welterweight world title at Bellator’s event at Wembley Arena in London.

Amosov was chasing Khabib Nurmagomedov’s all-time unbeaten record of 29-0 and was scheduled to fight Michael Page in a highly-anticipated bout, before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine forced him to pull out.
The 28-year-old had returned home from a training camp in Thailand four days before the war began. Once Russian troops began advancing, Amosov says he took his wife and six-month-old son to safety on the outskirts of Ukraine before joining the territorial defense to aid civilians in and around Irpin.
War’s grim reality quickly became apparent.
“In the first days, it was very hard to look at, to get used to all these events, to look at how people are running from their houses,” Amosov recalls. “Not everyone could leave, some people had parents who they couldn’t leave behind, who were very elderly and can’t move properly.
“People are running … taking their children, taking their parents in their arms and running, crying, they don’t know what to do. People are running with their pets.

“I saw this situation when a soldier was running holding a child in his arms. The child’s things were all covered in blood, but the blood was not his, it was his father’s. The mother was running behind. I don’t know in the end what happened to the child’s father, but it’s very hard to watch.
“The child was probably aged two or three, but he didn’t even understand what was happening, I didn’t hear him crying, he was just probably in some unreal shock.”
Such was the frantic nature of those first few days of the invasion, Amosov and his friends — who he says had never held guns before — were only given brief training on how to operate their weapons as fighting had already begun in the city.
Amosov says one of the moments that has stuck with him most came a few weeks later, once much of the city had been liberated from Russian occupation.
His team had been going around Irpin to distribute aid and found civilians who had been hiding in basements for almost a month with limited food and water.

He vividly recalls one man they found breaking down in tears after being handed some bread. “Seeing a person crying just because he is holding a piece of bread is very painful and very painful to watch,” recounts Amosov.
Last week, Irpin mayor Oleksandr Markushin said in a statement that the bodies of 290 civilians have been recovered in the town since the withdrawal of Russian forces.
Markushin said 185 of the dead have been identified, the majority of whom were men. The cause of death was “shrapnel and gunshot wounds.” At least five of the dead suffered brain injuries and starvation, according to Markushin.
In total, more than eight million people have been internally displaced in Ukraine, according to the latest report from the International Organization for Migration (IOM), a United Nations agency.
‘You want to defend this country’
In his darkest moments, Amosov admits he didn’t know whether he would survive the day to make it to bed each night. What kept him going, he says, was the “crazy help” and kindness of Ukrainian citizens every day.
Amosov and his group would often not have time to eat until the evening, but were regularly met at the roadside by civilians who had cooked food and brewed hot drinks for those helping the Ukraine war effort.
Even those with almost nothing would try to give the soldiers something, sometimes just a chocolate bar.
“I’m proud that we have people like that and that we live in a wonderful country like this,” he says.

While Amosov survived the worst of the fighting in Irpin, not everyone he fought alongside was as fortunate. After taking a couple of days away to go and visit his wife and son, Amosov says he returned to find one of the young men who had joined the territorial defense with him had died.
“It’s hard to watch when a mother buries her child and his girlfriend, who planned a future with him, is standing there too,” he recalls. “This is our home, our families live here and we want things to go back as they were. We lived a good life, we were content with everything.
“When you look at all of these people, women, children, when you see those mothers who buried their children, when you see what is happening to your city, when your city is on fire, you want to help and you want to defend this city, this country.”
Last month, a video Amosov posted of himself recovering his Bellator world championship belt from his mother’s home in Irpin went viral.
In the video, Amosov climbs back up a ladder in the house carrying a plastic bag, which he opens to reveal the belt.
He laughs and says he was “getting the belt for the second time” and later posted a photo of him holding the title aloft while surrounded by a group in military uniform.–xMlAD7ef27wzIQ8X0NpSOw–/nemi-nemo

“At that moment, it was nice because the belt was safe and sound,” he says. “It was nice that my mom hid it well and it survived and that day Russian soldiers were retreating from our part of Ukraine, so the mood was better.
“But at the same time, I’m standing here now and it’s calm in our city and it’s all good, but I understand and know what’s going on in other cities and it’s hard to just laugh with friends, it’s hard to be in a good mood because after I’ve been in these situations when there’s bombing all the time and there is shooting.”
‘This is destruction’
One day during the war, Amosov says his friends made him aware of a fan of his, a young man who used to practice martial arts but now found himself injured in hospital.
Amosov began texting the boy and soon arranged to go and visit him. When he arrived, Amosov was devastated to find that this young fan, who was just 20 years old, had lost both of his legs in the fighting.
“I don’t understand why people don’t believe what is going on here, they think that [Russia] have a ‘special operation’ going on for saving people,” he says, referencing the euphemistic description used by Russian officials to describe the country’s invasion of Ukraine.
“But you look at what’s happening to Mariupol, look at all of the other cities that we have in Ukraine that were damaged and many civilians died who just wanted to live. They didn’t want any war, they were satisfied with everything.
“I don’t understand how one could fight so cruelly, not by any rules. I have this impression that it’s almost like something not human. How can you act like this? How many people were injured? How many died? How many lost their houses? And they talk about saving? This is not saving, this is destruction.”

Once the fighting in Irpin began to subside, Amosov says he immediately returned to his mixed martial arts training.
Logan Storley was the fighter brought in to replace Amosov for Friday’s bout against Page and the Ukrainian says he is itching to return to the cage and will be watching keenly to see who wins.
“Now [I’m] restoring my shape … I want to return,” he says. “I want the whole of our country to return to its previous life and I would want to defend my belt.”
Amosov admits he doesn’t know when that will be, but he does know what his home nation will look like once the war is finally over.
“For every citizen of Ukraine, she will look like that best country in the world, the most beautiful and the most loved.”

Prince William Booed by Crowd Prior to FA Cup Final Match in London

19 May 2022
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Prince William was booed on Saturday as he met with players at Wembley Stadium prior to the Football Association Cup Final soccer match.

Attendees at the historic Liverpool stadium first began jeering during Prince William’s introduction, as could be heard during BBC coverage of the pre-match festivities. This continued as the Duke of Cambridge greeted and shook hands with players from both teams, Chelsea and Liverpool.

Prince William, in addition to his duties as a prominent member of the British Royal Family, is also president of the Football Association (FA), which serves as the main governing body for professional soccer matches in the United Kingdom and its Crown Dependencies. With a history dating back over 150 years, the FA Cup is one of the association’s highest honors and is considered to be the oldest national soccer competition in the world.

Thousands in the audience were also heard booing during a rendition of the British national anthem, “God Save the Queen.”

As the boos played out, viewers took to Twitter with a variety of reactions. Some expressed shock and surprise, claiming to have never heard of such an incident. Others offered kudos to the crowd for their seemingly critical stance towards the royal family.

“Astounding amount of booing at Wembley both as Prince William was handshaking the players plus [immediately] after the National Anthem,” Twitter user Spenceroos wrote, reflecting the reactions of those surprised by the jeers. “I’m talking booing at the Stadium. Unbelievable. What’s with that? Explain that one to me.”

“God save the queen getting boo’d at the FA Cup Final is glorious,” Twitter user Callum James McCulloch wrote in a thread, echoing the positive reactions of some. “And seeing everyone crying at Liverpool fans booing the national anthem is even better. We honestly love to see English tears.”

As was reported by outlets like The Independent on Saturday, Liverpool crowds booing things like the national anthem might not actually be surprising. In fact, the tradition dates back to around 40 years ago.

As the outlet explained, Liverpool residents’ perception of the broader U.K. leadership and establishment began to sour in the early 1980s, when the Conservative Party government was viewed as causing a marked downturn in the city’s status. There has also been some growing discontent with the Conservative leadership of the last decade, with some in Liverpool taking issue with growing inequality and poverty.

UFC 273: Ian Garry happy with comparisons to ‘biggest star in the sport’ Conor McGregor

19 May 2022
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“The fact that people say I’m the next him or compare me to him, that’s cool. They’re comparing me to someone who is literally the reason why I’m in the sport because I wanted to be like him”; Ian Garry more than happy to be compared with fellow Irishman Conor McGregor ahead of UFC 273

UFC 273: Ian Garry happy with comparisons to 'biggest star in the sport' Conor McGregor | MMA News | Sky Sports

Ian Garry has welcomed comparisons to Conor McGregor ahead of his bout against Darian Weeks at UFC 273, saying his countryman is the reason he is involved in the sport.

The 24-year-old Irishman has a perfect record after eight fights and a first-round knockout of Jordan Williams on his UFC debut last November quickly led to talk of similarities with McGregor.

It is nine years this week since McGregor made his UFC bow and Garry is pleased to have the chance to fight and mark that anniversary.

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“It’s cool, we’re talking about the biggest star in the sport and someone who I can attribute a lot of my career to in regards of if it wasn’t for him, I don’t know how long it would have taken me to find this sport,” he said.

“He made it very easy for me to know what I wanted to do. Watching his rise, watching his fights with my friends, with everyone and just enjoying the energy around Ireland and excitement around his performances is what made me want to be here.

“Walking into school on a Monday morning after watching his fight in the early hours of Sunday morning, everybody wanted to talk about him.

“Everyone wanted to talk about what he did, the post-match press conferences where he’s sitting there going, ’50 gees, baby!’ – anyone who has done that since is just copying Conor.

“It’s awesome, even the fact that people say I’m the next him or compare me to him, that’s cool. They’re comparing me to someone who is literally the reason why I’m in the sport because I wanted to be like him.”

Garry also sees parallels between himself and Paddy ‘The Baddy’ Pimblett. Particularly in the way he and the Liverpudlian fighter approach life in the UFC.

“I like Paddy a lot, I think we’re quite similar personalities because he just doesn’t give a rat’s what anyone else thinks, and I’m very similar,” Garry told Sky Sports.

“We just go out there, we do what we want and we don’t care about other people’s opinions. Paddy has gone in there now and whatever people say about what he is going to be, he’s had two UFC fights and two first-round finishes.

“Let’s see what happens, he’s got a bright future if it keeps going like that. Paddy deserves his success because he’s gone in there and backed it up.”

Meanwhile, Garry revealed he will have support from his training partner and one of the stars on the main card in Jacksonville, Gilbert Burns, who is taking on Khamzat Chimaev.

“Gilbert is an animal, man,” he added. “He just doesn’t stop and I’m so excited to sit down and watch the fight. He told me yesterday in the corridor that he’s going to get there early, he’s going to come with me to see my fight.,54692337.html

“What I love about Gilbert is he really cares. When you see these guys at the top of the sport, you think they might have an ego, they might have this thing of ‘I’m better than you’.

“But Gilbert was literally saying, ‘I’m going to come with you guys on your bus because I want to see your fight, then I’ll have time to warm up and everything, but I’m going to be there for you’.”


PSG Gives IDR 2.8 Trillion Bonus To Keep Kylian Mbappe

19 May 2022
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Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) does not seem to want to part with Kylian Mbappe. The French giants are even ready to offer 150 million pounds (approximately Rp. 2.8 trillion) to extend his stay at the Parc des Princes.

As is well known, Mbappe will end his contract with PSG at the end of the season. The 23-year-old has been heavily linked with a move to Real Madrid for some time.

However, PSG don’t want to let Mbappe go. The club are reportedly willing to increase Mbappe’s signing bonus, which was originally worth only £125 million, to £150 million.

It doesn’t stop there, the Mirror report also claims that PSG are willing to offer the player an annual salary of £21 million. This would see Mbappe earn more than £400,000 per week, if he were willing to put his signature on a new deal with Les Parisiens.

Mbappe is indeed an important figure behind PSG’s success. The France international successfully helped his squad win over Lorient in the Ligue1 match which took place at the Parc des Princes on Monday (4/4/2022). He scored two goals in the 28th and 67th minutes, so PSG won 5–1 over the visitors.

Mbappe’s departure will inevitably cause a huge loss for Les Parisiens supporters. The reason is, the player is often a scoring machine that solidifies PSG’s position at the top of the Ligue 1 standings.

For information, PSG is now comfortably in first place in the French League standings with a score of 68 points. They are 12 points ahead of Marseille who is in second place.

The Parc des Princes public actually still has the opportunity to watch Mbappe at PSG next season. The reason is that the player has not yet announced an official decision regarding his future.

“If I had made a decision, I would have said it. I don’t have to answer anyone. If I have made a decision, I will be responsible (for it),” Mbappe told Amazon Prime, as reported by

“I don’t need to hide, I didn’t kill anyone anyway. I just want to make the best decision I can,” continued the 23-year-old footballer.

Mbappe also indicated that the choice to stay at PSG is not impossible. The player claims he is still thinking about this possibility amid the emergence of a number of new elements and things that could potentially influence his decision.

“I’m still thinking about it because there are new elements and new parameters. I want to make the right choice. Is staying at PSG (is a thing) possible? Yes, of course,” said the French national team player, as reported by earlier this month.

Apart from that, BBC Sport assesses Real Madrid will still be Mbappe’s main goal at the end of the season. It is believed that the 2018 World Cup winner will only use PSG’s offer as material to renegotiate his deal with Real Madrid.

Los Blancos actually failed to bring Mbappe to the Bernabeu last season. However, this failure did not necessarily make the spirit of Real Madrid extinguished. The club, which sits at the top of the La Liga standings, believes the PSG star will soon join Real Madrid this summer.

In line with these conditions, the Mirror report also claims that Los Blancos are starting to relax in the face of the potential transfer of another young star – Erling Haaland – from Borussia Dortmund. In the midst of a lot of interest from top European clubs, Real Madrid have great faith in Haaland, as does Kylian Mbappe.

On the other hand, the President of the French Football Federation (FFF) Noel Le Graet also hopes that Mbappe can extend his stay at Paris Saint-Germain. He considered the player to have a greater chance of winning the Ballon d’Or if he remained in the Les Parisiens uniform.

Rich Strike Wins 2022 Kentucky Derby in One of Biggest, Upsets in History!

18 May 2022
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Rich Strike on Saturday won the 148th Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. When the race began, Rich Strike had 80-to-1 odds to win the Derby, which is the first leg of horse racing’s Triple Crown.

Rich Strike, who wasn’t even part of the field on Friday, was a late addition to the race after Ethereal Road scratched. Rich Horse began from the last gate. Down the final stretch after race and it appeared favorite Epicenter (4-1) would win, Rich Strike walked down Epicenter to nose out the win. When Saturday began, Rich Strike had 99-to-1 odds to win the race. That line dropped throughout the day as more money was bet on horses.

“Rich Strike has stunned the racing world,” NBC’s Mike Tirico said after the race.

Rich Strike was on a three-race losing streak before Saturday’s victory, according to the Kentucky Derby website. Rich Strike, who was born in Kentucky, was ridden by jockey Sonny Leon. The horse is trained by Eric Reed.

Rich Strike registered for the 2022 Kentucky Derby just a few seconds before the deadline on Friday. His late addition, incredible odds and improbable comeback in the race help it make one of the greatest sports stories in history.

This was the first Kentucky Derby since last year’s doping fiasco. Medina Spirit won the Kentucky Derby on May 1 at Churchill Downs. One week later, legendary trainer Bon Baffert learned that a drug-testing sample from Medina Spirit tested positive for elevated levels of an anti-inflammatory steroid called betamethasone.

Baffert denied any doping of the race horse that almost led from wire-to-wire in the Derby.

“Yesterday, I got the biggest gut punch in racing for something that I didn’t do,” Baffert said last year on May 9 upon learning of the doping allegation. “[It’s an] injustice to the horse. I don’t feel embarrassed, I feel like I was wronged. But I’m going to fight it.”

Baffert later claimed they used an ointment on the horse, and the ointment had the corticosteroid in it. Medina Spirit was stripped of the Derby title, which was later awarded to Mandaloun, who crossed the finish line second behind Medina Spirit. Baffert has been banned from Churchill Downs and reportedly watched the Kentucky Derby at his Ariona home this year.

Here are the next two legs of the Triple Crown:

May 21, 2021 — Preakness Stakes (Pimlico Race Course, Baltimore, Maryland)
June 11, 2021 — Belmont Stakes (Belmont Park, Elmont, New York)

The last Triple Crown winner was Justify in 2018, and the previous Crown winner was American Pharoah in 2015, which ended a 37-year drought with no horse that swept the three races (Affirmed, 1978).

Erik Ten Hag Starts Focusing on improving the Manchester United team

17 May 2022
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Erik ten Hag has signed a three-year contract with Manchester United until June 2025 in April 2022. However, the Dutch tactician still has to focus on awarding the Eredivisie title to Ajax.

After being confirmed as champion, Ten Hag ended his career as coach of Ajax with a 2-2 result against the host Vitesse, Sunday (15/5). After the match, the 52-year-old confirmed that he would give United his full attention from this week.

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He will not travel with Ajax to Curacao after this season is over. “Yes, there will be a party tomorrow (Monday local time) with the whole staff, but that’s it. No, I won’t be joining them (to Curacao). That’s true, I think that’s understandable,” Ten Hag was quoted as saying by Sky Sports. News.

“There is a lot of work to be done there (at Man Utd). Of course. There is a lot of work at every club. A manager’s job is mainly focused on preparing for next season. And there is a lot of work to be done in the next season.”

“Regarding the staff, there are some things that need to be arranged. And also regarding the team and over the next few days or actually starting tomorrow (Monday), we will focus on that intensively,” said Ten Hag added.

Erik ten Hag also revealed that he wants to keep Cristiano Ronaldo in the Manchester United squad for 2022/2023. This was said by the Dutch tactician when speaking to De Telegraaf.

“Ronaldo is a giant because of what he has shown and I think he is still very ambitious,” said Ten Hag.

“Of course I want to keep him. He is very important for Manchester United this year and can produce great statistics,” said Ten Hag continued.

Ronaldo appeared convincing in the midst of a bad journey for Manchester United this season. The five-time Ballon d’Or winner scored 24 goals in the Premier League and Champions League at the age of 37 in February.

Ronaldo has another year on his contract at Man Utd. Both sides have the option to discuss a further extension before it expires in 2023

Cristiano Ronaldo sends a message of support for United’s new permanent manager Erik ten Hag. According to him, the Red Devils must give the Dutch strategist time to make changes at Old Trafford.

I know that he has done a fantastic job at Ajax, and that he is an experienced coach, but we have to give him time,” Ronaldo said, quoted from the official Manchester United website. “Things have to turn the way he wants.”

Ronaldo also hopes that a change in the playing squad will allow Ten Hag to lift Man Utd and bring home the Premier League trophy. “If he does well, everything will be successful,” said the Portuguese star.

“So I wish him well. We are all happy and excited (about his arrival), not only as players but also as fans.”

“We have to believe that next year we can win the title,” said Ronaldo.

Pro-Russia Donbas Deploys Poorly Trained, Ill-Equipped Conscripts,Say Sources

16 May 2022
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-Pro-Russia Donbas Deploys Poorly Trained, Ill-Equipped Conscripts,Say Sources

Russia-Ukraine War: Military conscripts in the Russian-backed Donbas region have been sent into front-line combat against Ukrainian troops with no training, little food and water, and inadequate weapons, sources said.

London: Military conscripts in the Russian-backed Donbas region have been sent into front-line combat against Ukrainian troops with no training, little food and water, and inadequate weapons, six people in the separatist province told Reuters.
The new accounts of untrained and ill-equipped conscripts being deployed are a fresh indication of how stretched the military resources at the Kremlin’s disposal are, over a month into a war that has seen Moscow’s forces hobbled by logistical problems and held up by fierce Ukrainian resistance.

One of the people, a student conscripted in late February, said a fellow fighter told him to prepare to repel a close-quarter attack by Ukrainian forces in southwest Donbas but “I don’t even know how to fire an automatic weapon.”

The student and his unit fired back and evaded capture, but he was injured in a later battle. He did not say when the fighting took place.

While some information indicating poor conditions and morale among Donbas conscripts has emerged in social media and some local media outlets, Reuters was able to assemble one of the most comprehensive pictures to date.

Besides the student draftee, Reuters spoke to three wives of conscripts who have mobile phone contact with their partners, one acquaintance of a draftee, and one source close to the pro-Russian separatist leadership who is helping to organize supplies for the Donbas armed forces.

Reuters verified the identity of the student, as well as the other sources and the draftees they are associated with. The news agency was unable to confirm independently the accounts of what happened to the men once they were drafted.

The six sources all asked that their full names not be published, saying that they feared reprisals for speaking to foreign media.

The Donbas armed forces are fighting alongside Russian soldiers but are not part of the Russian armed forces, which have different rules about which troops they send into combat.

Several Donbas draftees have been issued with a rifle called a Mosin, which was developed in the late 19th century and went out of production decades ago, according to three people who saw conscripts from the separatist region using the weapon. Images shared on social media, that Reuters has not been able to verify independently, also showed Donbas fighters with Mosin rifles.

The student said he was forced to drink water from a fetid pond because of lack of supplies. Two other sources in contact with draftees also told Reuters the men had to drink untreated water.

Some Donbas conscripts were given the highly dangerous mission of drawing enemy fire onto themselves so other units could identify the Ukrainian positions and bomb them, according to one of the sources and video testimony from a prisoner of war published by Ukrainian forces.

Asked to comment about the treatment and low morale of the Donbass draftees, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said it was a question for the Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR), the self-proclaimed separatist entity in Donbas. The Russian defence ministry did not respond to a request for comment.

A spokeswoman for the DNR administration, after viewing Reuters questions, said there would be no response on Friday. She did not say when the administration would reply. Messages left with a spokesman for the separatist military went unanswered.

After being pushed to the front line near the port of Mariupol — scene of the heaviest fighting in the war — a group of about 135 Donbas conscripts laid down their arms and refused to fight on, according to Veronika, the partner of a conscript, who said her husband was among them. Marina, partner of another conscript, said she had been in contact with a friend who was part of the same group.

“We’re refusing (to fight),” the friend wrote in a text message to Marina, seen by Reuters.

The men were kept in a basement by military commanders as punishment, Veronika and Marina said. Commanders verbally threatened them with reprisals but subsequently allowed the group out of the basement, pulled them back from the front line and billeted them in abandoned homes, Veronika said.

Neither the Kremlin nor separatist authorities answered Reuters questions about the incident.


All sides in the Ukraine war have systems of conscription, where young men are required by law to do military service.

Ukraine’s government has declared a general mobilisation, meaning that conscripts and reservists have been deployed to fight.

Russia says it is not deploying conscripts in Ukraine, though it has acknowledged a small number were mistakenly sent to fight.

The Donetsk separatist authorities announced in late February they were drafting all fighting age men for immediate deployment.

Military recruitment officers appeared at workplaces around the Donetsk region and told employees to report for duty, while police ordered people in the streets to report to their local draft office, according to a Reuters reporter who was there in late February. Anyone not complying risks prosecution.

Reuters could not determine how many people have been called up, nor what proportion of Donbas forces is comprised of draftees.

None of the five draftees had prior military experience or training, and four of the five were given no training before they were sent into combat, according to the injured draftee, the three wives of conscripted men, and the acquaintance.

“He never served in the army,” said one of the partners, who gave her name as Olga and lives in the town of Makeevka. “He doesn’t even really know how to hold an automatic weapon.”

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Two of the wives said their partners were deployed to the front line, where they saw heavy fighting.

“I’m in the war,” read a text message, seen by Reuters, that Marina, also from Makeevka, said came from her drafted husband.

Marina said she learned from messages from her husband that his unit, fighting in the Donbas region, was ordered to draw enemy fire on to themselves.

Ukrainian forces on March 12 published a video showing a prisoner of war. He said his name was Ruslan Khalilov, that he was a civil servant from Donbas and that he was sent with zero training to Mariupol where his role was to draw enemy fire to facilitate the bombing of Ukrainian targets.

A person in Donbas who knows Khalilov confirmed to Reuters his identity, that he was drafted and has no military training. Reuters established that the person knows Khalilov.


The student draftee who spoke to Reuters said that a day after reporting for duty he was put in a mortar unit then sent towards the fighting. “We were taught nothing,” he wrote to Reuters via messenger app.

“Up to that point I had only seen mortars in movies. Obviously, I didn’t know how to do anything with them.”

He said that before he left, his unit had been under repeated attack by Ukrainian troops. “There were lots of casualties,” he wrote. “I hate the war. I don’t want it, curse it. Why are they sending me into a slaughterhouse?”

All the accounts gathered by Reuters mentioned an acute shortage of supplies. The sources described little or no safe drinking water, field rations for one man being shared among several, and units having to scavenge food.

“We drank water with dead frogs in it,” said the student conscript.

“Supplies for the soldiers right now are a disaster,” said the source close to the Donetsk separatist leadership, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Neither the Kremlin nor the separatist authorities replied to Reuters’ questions about supplies and equipment for the draftees from Donbas.


The same source said some conscripts were issued with the Mosin rifle from reserve stocks that date back to the Second World War.

The student conscript said he has seen fellow fighters using the rifle: “It’s like we’re fighting with World War Two muskets.”

A soldier in the Russian armed forces who is fighting near Mariupol told Reuters he had seen soldiers from the Donetsk separatist military carrying Mosin rifles.

A video posted on social media on Tuesday by Russian military journalist Semyon Pegov showed a man who said he was a Donbas draftee brandishing a Mosin rifle.

Soon after the men were drafted in late February, many of their wives, mothers, and sisters started writing petitions to the separatist leadership, to Donbas draft offices, and to the Kremlin, describing their treatment and seeking help.

“Bring us back our men,” said one petition addressed to Russian President Vladimir Putin, seen by Reuters.

The three wives of draftees who spoke to Reuters said they received no definitive answers.

On March 11, about 100 women gathered outside the separatist administration’s offices in Donetsk to demand answers, in a rare public show of dissent.

Two women who took part in the gathering said Alexander Malkovsky, the head of the DNR draft office, came out and told them that men aged 18 to 27 would be exempted from the draft. Reuters couldn’t determine if this has been implemented, and was unable to reach Malkovsky.

Two of the conscripts’ wives said that since the gathering they learned from their partners that conditions had improved: some units were pulled back from the front line and allowed to sleep in abandoned homes, instead of in trenches.

-French President Wants Fresh Sanctions Against Russia, Cites “War Crimes”

Russia-Ukraine War: “The scenes are unbearable. International justice must work. Those who were behind these crimes must respond,” President Macron said after the discovery of mass graves and hundreds of dead people northwest of Kyiv.

Paris: French President Emmanuel Macron said on Monday he was in favour of new sanctions against Moscow after claims that Russian forces committed atrocities against Ukrainian civilians in Bucha, a town outside Kyiv.

“There are very clear indications of war crimes. It was the Russian army that was in Bucha,” Macron told the France Inter broadcaster after the discovery of mass graves and hundreds of dead people northwest of Kyiv.

“The scenes are unbearable. International justice must work. Those who were behind these crimes must respond,” he said.

Local authorities said they had been forced to dig communal graves to bury the dead accumulating in the streets, including some found with their hands bound behind their backs, in scenes that sent shockwaves through international capitals more than a month into Russia’s invasion.

Macron called for progress on further moves towards sanctions at the European Union level which he said could target the Russian oil and coal industries.

“What happened in Bucha makes a new round of sanctions, and very clear measures, necessary,” Macron said.

France would coordinate such steps with its EU partners, “especially Germany”, in the coming days, he said.

Macron said that targeting the oil and coal industries would be “particularly” painful for Russia.

The EU could also impose further sanctions against Russian individuals, Macron added.

-Sri Lanka Central Bank Governor Quits Amid Spiraling Economic Crisis

Ajith Cabraal said he stepped down after every member of Sri Lanka’s cabinet, aside from President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, quit en masse late Sunday.

Colombo: Sri Lanka’s central bank governor, who had resisted mounting calls for the island nation to seek an IMF bailout, announced his resignation Monday as protests escalated over a worsening economic crisis.

Ajith Cabraal said he stepped down after every member of Sri Lanka’s cabinet, aside from President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, quit en masse late Sunday to make way for a new administration to manage the crisis.
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