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Information Technology Effect on My Life

Information technology  describes any technology that helps to produce, manipulate, store, communicate,  and disseminate program. That is the scientific language of the sense of a technology who people regarded as computer technology.

Since 2000, information technology is growing rapidly. This is what spurred public debate in two different generations. Today, we can see children as young as 8 years old can use technology based tools such as mobile phones or just word processing programs like microsoft word properly. On the other side, old people may not be able to use technology well, even for the mobilization of a mouse cannot be done well. Technology has two different meanings in its influence on life that has a positive value also has a negative value. Back on the lives of individuals, it is a choice and depending on their utilization.

On me, the technology has great influence, both positive and negative in my life. Sometimes it can make life easier, yes indeed with the technology, the job can get maximum efficiency and effectiveness when used correctly. However, there is likely a very easy job instead take a long time due to inappropriate use. In addition, the efficiency and effectiveness of existing technology in use makes the effort to get something even less desirable. I became lazy to do something that should be using more energy. This is the biggest problem to me or some people in the community.

Right now, one of the causes of errors using that time because of the many social networking sites that offer various facilities to me (the user). Before working on tasks that require a reference from the internet, as if obliged to open a social networking site that makes time for working more assignments. Tasks that should be done within 15 minutes, this can be up to one hour. This is very detrimental to me. Actually not a problem of the social networking site that should be debated, but it's only a matter of habit or the desire to use the site for the pleasure that it less useful.

Remembering the negative side of technology use on me, do not make me have to avoid the technology. The only way to be able to use technology properly is by recognizing, studying, and understanding what it is technology. Since graduating junior  high school, I school at SMK Telkom Sandhy Putra Malang that teach students about computer technology and telecommunications. Slowly I know what is computer, what is telecommunications, what is digital, and others.

Technology is widespread, we can learn many things and use appropriate community needs. I have ever experienced, when my friend had difficulty using software, I can help him without I went to the location. Just need an internet connection and a remote computer software, I can fix the damage to my friend's computer software. It's easier for me, I could save time and energy.

We can see the positive impact of technology also on society that allows me. Like the e-banking from a bank in Indonesia, when I was away from the parents, for my pocket money can be shipped easily without going through the post office. With the online registration system at Brawijaya University, I do not need to come, take, and fill out the form provided. Lots of convenience which I get from the use of information technology in everyday life beyond the negative impacts can be mitigated as possible. Do not be afraid to recognize information technology, study, understand, and use correctly.