The Law of Attraction?

“Dreams don’t work unless you do” is a mantra which everyone always keep in mind to achieve all of their dreams. However, have you ever think that all of the serendipitous things happen in our life is because universe working with our intuition and brings our goals in life into reality. Actually, my mind is open when I saw my favorite lifestyle blogger+youtuber, Aileen Xu, in Lavendaire’s video, and she’s talking about “The Law of Attraction”. That was my first time hearing about that law and makes me more curious about how the law actually works?

Basically, The Law of Attraction is about ability from our thought to attract all desire we are focusing on. One thing is, it is not just about wishful thinking. It is believed that is like “you become, what you think” or some concept with the term “Karma” which is whatever you put out, you’re gonna attract the same thing in return. The positive idea here is we can work our dream with a simple step, “OUR BELIEFS AND OUR THOUGHTS”. It is simple but not easy though. Making a clear mindset is not an easy job. There is always some distraction and make us thinking “What was that?”. It might be sound cliche, but all of the reality begins with our beliefs and thoughts. First, we imagine what we want, then following it by doing the real act to get them.

Personally, I really agree with Aileen’s opinion. She says, our beliefs will shape our thoughts. Our thoughts will shape our words. Then our words will shape our actions. Finally, our actions will become our reality. The first thought and belief that we build about something, unconsciously we send an energy into the universe and the universe will start to work with our intuition by attracting that thing back to us. When we starting to make our beliefs and thoughts stronger, we usually expressing it by our words and maybe telling people about our goals. Everyone knows how powerful our words are, so we have to use them wisely. In this context,  before we start to take an action, we must decide what will we do by simple talk to our-self and… Voilà! We do an action, makes the things happen, and in the end, we can say our beliefs and thought is really become reality.

Here are some tips from Aileen to use the law of attraction:

  • Be aware of your beliefs because (again) what your beliefs shape your reality like I’ve told it so many times before
  • Practice gratitude, which I personally think it is a must have to do! 🙂
  • Use affirmations or powerful statement write and read in the present tense
  • Journal “as if” it’s real and again.. writing it in present tense
  • Make a vision board of your dream because she says that the more you can see it as a reality, the more you are gonna attract that thing
  • Change your behavior to act “as if”
  • Obviously, take action!

Last but not least, I just can say that all of this is depends on YOU. You have the rights to believe this perspective or not. For me, this is fully new knowledge and I have to do “research” more about the law. The good thing is it feels really nice to share with whoever reads this post and yeah as the purpose of this blog, I wanna share anything WITHOUT LIMIT.