Lazy is a word that may contain any negatives perspective for human being. As a human, we ever feel this “lazy” ness syndrom. Lazy may comes from the spare time, that we do not have time to do nothing. There are no jobs to do, no ideas to express, even heart to share. Lazy makes a stupidity, we thinking too much that we should¬† not to do. So that our brain gets headeache. So funny.. I think that this “lazy” or may I call it as “Illness” determining bad impact to ourself, especially to our healthy. How we can release this ‘laziness virus’ ? No specific recommendation from experts, but I usually training it by my self and its work, here probably you can try to relax your self from laziness:

1. At morning:If you start feel like “zombie”-I mean lazy to do anything, just go to bathroom and take showers. Then go outdoors, bring a camera, take a shoot (anything you see)

2. While you feel bored to do the first step above, take a rest, sitdown and feel the sunlight warm.

3. Visit your neighborhood or your friends home

4. Go to market and buy fruits/vegetables, afterthat we can browse the “cooking recipe”. Then we try to cook by ourself ( nice experimental for new cookers) xD

5. At Afternoon: If you start feel like “zombie”- I mean lazy to do anything, just go to bathroom and take showers.

6. Next, Grab your phone fastly and plug earphone cable. Listening to the favorite music. Approxiamately for 10 minutes, I guess we unconciously asleep.  ZZzzZZZzzzZZ..

7. At evening, take off all the lamp, drink mineral water, then go to bedroom. Take off the lamp, pull the blanket and ZzzzzZZZZ…Have nice dream. *don’t forget to pray


That’s all ..

Have Nice Try

and Good Luck ^^