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Posted by on October 17, 2012

Healthy living is expensive. We often hear people complain like that. They used to show how much money should be paid to get the standards of healthy living. Wallets should be opened wider to buy healthy foods and supplements.

Healthy foods are always associated to organic food which is expensive. Or a  fat-free food and low calorie that produced by the high cost. Whereas there is so many food material around us that can be used as source of helthy nutrition.

In my opinion, healthy food doesn’t have to be expensive, in fact expensive food is not always containing 4 healthy 5 perfect, chemicals, and has one or two contents only, so the body still lacks of nutritions and more substances that is essential.

However the 4 healthy 5 perfect will not be able to absorb maximum by the boody if we don’t have a healthy diet also. Everyone has patterns of time to work, so consumption to a healthy diet and nutritious must be accompanied by the knowledge of a healthy lifestyle. According to expert nutritionists body has time span to perform the following tasks :

Disposal phase: 

In this phase, body will do the disposal process for all the food which has been eating earlier, at a vulnerable time between 04:00 to 12:00.  so that the vulnerable time is highly recommended to not consume heavy foods. according to Andang, a lot of consumption of fruits will be very effective in the morning, because at this time the body is in need of a source of energy and help in the process of disposal.

Digestion phase:

In this phase 4 healthy diet can be enjoyed, but non the fruit, because the fruit we consume is already in the earlier phases or in the morning. vulnerable period at around 12:00 to 20:00.

Absorption phase: 

Ranged on timescales at 8:00 p.m. to 4:00, so it is advisable to stop eating activity.

One more thing that isn’t less important is the awareness of the food we eat. This is due to the increasing number of fraudulent traders to achieve maximum benefit, so that the food we eat, sometimes contains many hazardous substances. I advice, don’t be careless of what we eat. Eat foods that are healthy and nutritious!

 Thanks for Mbak cepuk 🙂