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COVID Rises Across U.S. Amid Muted Warnings and Murky Data

CHICAGO — COVID-19 is surging around the United States again in what experts consider the most transmissible variant of the pandemic yet.

But something is different this time: The public health authorities are holding back.

In Chicago, where the county’s COVID warning level was raised to “high” last […]

EU adds severe allergies as side effect of Novavax COVID vaccine

(Reuters) -The European Medicines Agency on Thursday identified severe allergic reactions as potential side effects of Novavax Inc’s COVID-19 vaccine.

The vaccine was authorized by U.S. regulators on Wednesday, and its product label in the United States warns against administering the shot to people with a history of allergic reactions […]

Stunning spread of BA.5 subvariant shows why this California COVID wave is different

With California suffering through another intense coronavirus wave, the stunning proliferation of the BA.5 subvariant is becoming a growing focus of scientific scrutiny, with experts saying it may replicate itself far more effectively than earlier versions of Omicron.

Compared to its ancestors, the latest Omicron subvariant, BA.5, may have an […]

Ukraine war: Bodies of dead Russian soldiers abandoned near Kyiv

When their dogs started digging insistently at a spot in the woods, villagers in Zavalivka called in the authorities.

A Ukrainian military team were soon at the scene in white protective suits, carefully removing the topsoil.

They uncovered a man’s body, face down with his legs oddly twisted beneath him. It was clear from […]