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OnlyFans activist Vegan Booty slams trolls saying she ‘has a penis’ after racy protest

Notorious vegan activist turned OnlyFans model Tash Peterson has hit back at trolls who told her she “has a penis” and “is a w****” following her latest racy animal rights protest

Notorious vegan activist turned OnlyFans model Tash Peterson – known better online as Vegan Booty – has hit back at “disgusting” trolls following her latest animal rights protest.

Tash was joined by fellow animal rights activists and models Stefania Ferrario and Adriana Lava as she took to Bourke Street Mall in Melbourne, Australia wearing lingerie.

The trio were snapped on Sunday (August 7) holding signs including “Animals don’t have a choice, but you do. Go vegan!” and “Breaking news! Meat is not oxygen, you can live without!”

Tash shared images of the protest with her nearly 20,000 Instagram followers but the response was not what she had wanted, with trolls attacking her appearance.

“The amount of disgusting messages and comments I have received about these images is insane,” she said on her Instagram story.

“Wish I could share, but it just gets taken down.”

Tash, 28, said the comments included people telling her she “has a penis, looks like a drag, is ugly, has no shape, and is a w****”.

“To that I say thank you, keep being obsessed. These words aren’t even insults to me, but can be hurtful to other people,” she said in response.

Tash is no stranger to attracting negative attention after her protests.


Last month she and her partner Jack Higgs moved from Western Australia to Melbourne after she was banned from all pubs in her home state following a string of racy stunts.

“This is a clear example of how so-called freedom of speech is not actually freedom of speech at all,” was her response to the ban.

She was also convicted of disorderly conduct for storming a Louis Vuitton store in August last year.

She previously vowed to continue the protests, stating: “It doesn’t bother me at all, I’m here to speak up about the non-human animals who are suffering in the meat, dairy, leather, wool and fur industries, so I’m not going to stop.

“There is no stopping until the animal holocaust ends.”