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OnlyFans model dropped sex toy during racy gym shoot – then random man stole it

Marisol Yotta makes a living from creating explicit content for her OnlyFans accounts, but she has revealed one instance when a filming session went horribly wrong after she was exposed at the gym

A model who produces saucy videos for her OnlyFans channel has revealed that one filming attempt went wrong when she had an unfortunate mishap at the gym.
Marisol Yotta entertains her thousands of followers on Instagram and OnlyFans with her saucy content, and even launched an X-rated account with her husband as a dare.

Despite her heavily religious upbringing, the Mexican native has revealed in the past how embracing four boob jobs and posing nude online has helped her embrace her sexuality.

But, speaking to the Inside OnlyFans podcast, Marisol revealed that her career had exposed her to one mortifying incident when she had attempted to film an explicit scene while at the gym.

“I decided to create a video at the gym for my OnlyFans so I brought a butt plug and I had to put it between my boobs because I didn’t have pockets,” she began.

“But the problem with sports bras – because I’m so small with my waist – I had it kind of secured in between the boobs.”

So, Marisol remembered how she had started her workout when she had heard a small noise, and suddenly realised that the sex toy had come loose.

“I was like, did I lose it or not?… In that moment I kind of freaked out a little bit, I just walked away,” she added.

Later on after struggling to find the missing toy, Marisol reviewed the footage she had recorded and realised that a random gym goer must have decided to keep the object.

“This guy had it next to his backpack during his workout, and he was like, ‘well now it’s mine’,” she laughed.

“He took it. I was like, ‘have some fun with it’.”

Marisol is married to German billionaire Bastian Yotta, a tycoon who lived in a Playboy-style mansion with ten other women.

During the podcast episode, Marisol opened up about how the couple had met during a church service, and revealed that the priest is even aware of their adult careers.