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Years of being managed by Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp faces the most ‘crazy’ week in his career

Liverpool tactician, Jurgen Klopp, seems to be having the most ‘crazy’ week of his career as a coach.

As is known, his Liverpool care is currently very on fire both at the domestic and European levels.

It was recorded that until the last week of April, they still survived in all cup competitions, including fighting in the English League.

Previously, the sports news editor had discussed how extraordinary Liverpool’s schedule for April 2022 was.

A series of important matches were lined up very challenging, making Jurgen Klopp and his players have to sweat a lot in order to keep their hopes of achieving a quadruple.

Just this week in the Premier League, they have to take on their mortal enemy at the Merseyside Derby, Everton.

Regardless of the result, in which the match is still ongoing at the time of writing, the Reds are already quite dizzy because they previously faced another big enemy, Manchester United.

Luckily, the crucial match against Ralf Rangnick’s foster children the other day ended sweetly with the score 4-0.

Not only that. They also recorded a 9-0 aggregate win over the Red Devils in their two meetings this season.

Then pulling back again, Liverpool also just finished their schedule against Manchester City in the FA Cup semifinals.

In the match on April 16, Jordan Henderson et al also managed to win and a ticket to the final.

When the final party later, they will meet Chelsea, who just kicked Crystal Palace in the semifinals.

Two days before the FA Cup semifinal match, namely on April 14, Liverpool appeared in the Champions League and cut Benfica from the quarter-finals even though the second leg match that night ended in a 3-3 draw.

Then back again on April 10, they also served Manchester City in the Premier League which was very crucial.

However, the opportunity to tackle their strong rival at the top of the standings ended equally strong so that both teams had to share points.

On April 6, Liverpool also met Benfica for the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals, which ended 3-1.

Yes, Liverpool’s schedule for April is indeed quite a horror to see and enjoy. However, so far, they are doing quite well with good results as well.

Hope to win the Premier League is still burning, as are the FA Cup and Champions League. However, it is undeniable that Liverpool’s success in surviving in all these competitions has come with hefty consequences.

Starting this week, against Everton in the Premier League, Jurgen Klopp also has to face a period of ‘crazy’, maybe even the ‘craziest’ in his history of coaching.

The past schedules have indeed been passed, but the challenge going forward is to maintain consistency and hunt for victory in every match, which is not an easy matter.

Moreover, the terrible schedule since early April has drained quite a lot of energy both physically and mentally.

Let alone the players, the fans may also feel something that makes them ‘tired’, nervous, every time their favorite team plays.

Because, with such a precarious situation now, slipping is Liverpool’s biggest taboo that should not happen.

In addition to against Everton after a series of terrible matches from 6 to 20 April, the Reds will play the Champions League semi-final on 28 April.

After that, there is the Premier League schedule against Newcastle United on April 30, which is only 72 hours apart from the match against Villarreal.

Of course Jurgen Klopp must be smart to rack his brains to face this terrible week, especially after Liverpool’s request to shift the kick-off against Newcastle United was rejected by the Premier League.

As reported by the Liverpool Echo, the match will still be held on April 30, with an early kick-off schedule, at 12.30 local time or 18.30 WIB.

No doubt, Liverpool have to squeeze a lot of sweat to be able to keep their appearance stable.

As of this writing, they are still struggling to get full points in the Merseyside Derby so they can continue to threaten Manchester City in the standings.

What will Jurgen Klopp’s end of struggle at Liverpool look like after going through a series of schedules and this ‘crazy’ week?