Kelud Animal Rescue 1 : Situation and Post


The first day visiting the local impact kelud mountain, very dusty to shortness of breath, even though it was the fourth day after the eruption. Dust and sand is piled up on the edge of the road Pujon-Ngantang, Malang.


We help take care of animals by establishing animal health posts that work together all the relevant agencies.

PPDH 7 : Official Service

The first rotation, the first department, has been completed.


one of the inspection methods milk hygiene test

  • We learned that the mandatory work in every department there
  • We carry out inspection of beef, mutton, lamb and pork (ante and post-mortem)
  • We learn to take samples of milk and meat as well as examine
  • We toured the split vaccine and treat livestock
  • We also learn the latest methods of castration