PPDH 27: Inspection Animal Qurban

Selama hampir 5 tahun kuliah, event idul adha tidak pernah bisa berada dirumah, kenapa? karena kita selalu ikut pemeriksaan hewan qurban bersama dokter hewan yang bertugas. Hari ini kami anak-anak koas merasa begitu sangat bermanfaat karena dapat menjadi eksekutor dalam kelayakan tidak-an daging hewan qurban.
Setiap tahun kasus yang paling dominan yaitu fasciolosis yang infestasi cacing trematoda pada hepar sapi. Tindakan yang bisa kami lakukan yaitu menentukan organ tersebut normal dan dapat dikonsumsi, organ tersebut abnormal namun dapat dikonsumsi atau organ tersebut abnormal dan tidak dapat dikonsumsi. qurban

PPDH 17 : Small Animal Internists part3



The second week, we were treated to a barrage of operation. Alhamdulillah our second day following the operation ovariohisterectomy cat named Keci, subhanallah this cat was really cute, from a distance as ugly and worn out, it was just a color pattern alone, although local race cat she looks unique. Previously She was found in a state of near death, Alhamdulillah God sends good mother her, the operation process went smoothly and exactly what happened with umbilical hernia, so the operation runs a bit long to fix it

PPDH 15 : Small Animal Internists part1


First Sunday at the Animal Clinic of Education, PKH UB, she is our inpatients were first, named Masha, like Masha and the bear, he was very packed and make me missed. Converting the Anamesa she had a yeast infection that is visible on the skin, almost all the hair on her tail missing. She lost her appetite. As long as we treat her better, high appetite and actively engaged.

PPDH 13: Animal Quarantine

Finally we were through to the official rotation “Surabaya Animal Quarantine”. There we perform testing activities commodities of animal origin, reception and processing of documents and inspection to field.


Addition kovaks on Indol test for identification of Salmonella