PPDH 17 : Small Animal Internists part3



The second week, we were treated to a barrage of operation. Alhamdulillah our second day following the operation ovariohisterectomy cat named Keci, subhanallah this cat was really cute, from a distance as ugly and worn out, it was just a color pattern alone, although local race cat she looks unique. Previously She was found in a state of near death, Alhamdulillah God sends good mother her, the operation process went smoothly and exactly what happened with umbilical hernia, so the operation runs a bit long to fix it

PPDH 13: Animal Quarantine

Finally we were through to the official rotation “Surabaya Animal Quarantine”. There we perform testing activities commodities of animal origin, reception and processing of documents and inspection to field.


Addition kovaks on Indol test for identification of Salmonella

PPDH 12 : List of SNI

Daftar Standardisasi Nasional Indonesia :

  1. SNI No. 2897:2008 tentang Metode Pengujian Mikroba dalam Daging, Susu dan Telur
  2. SNI 7388:2009 Batas Maksimum Cemaran Mikroba dalam Pangan
  3. Sisanya bisa didonlot di google drive saya KUMPULAN SNI

semoga koleksi yang saya punya dapat bermanfaat.

*SNI saya peroleh secara legal ketika website BSN masih free, jadi mohon tidak diperjual belikan (komersil).

Mari berbagi ilmu mesti 1 kalimat

PPDH 10: Public Health Laboratorium

We are stay in Public Health Laboratorium Veterinary Medicine for two weeks.
Our first week in charge of making (a) proposals on testing products of animal origin and (b) paper on veterinary public health
Second week we do product testing and oral examination
Alhamdulillah, all we had been through the good process and good result


microbial testing using total plate count method

Kelud Animal Rescue 1 : Situation and Post


The first day visiting the local impact kelud mountain, very dusty to shortness of breath, even though it was the fourth day after the eruption. Dust and sand is piled up on the edge of the road Pujon-Ngantang, Malang.


We help take care of animals by establishing animal health posts that work together all the relevant agencies.