Dream at Foothills Panderman

Last month, i follow Submittion Activity of Veterinary Education School of Veterinary Medicine Universitas Brawijaya 2013 in Pesanggrahan village in foothills Panderman Mountain. Three days, 16-18 Januari 2013 so wonderful days. The first day we held education to elementary schools, the second day we did a collection of animals and education to the community, while the day when we did the treatment and sanitary cage. I get a lot of new experiences, new friends, new sibling, new families, new dreams, new hope. Event to be possibly, my memories are not forgotten. And this few photos in this event.

situatio after arrive in Pesanggrahan Village and after education in Elementary School.

after education in Elementary School.

Prepare before activities

Say goodbye and capture few photo

New friend, new sistes, new family

situation medical record and treatment.