A Bit About Me

Hey! I’m Prima Santi. I wanted to use this page to explain a bit about my study in School Veterinary Medicine University Brawijaya and how I came to be where I am right now. However firstly, welcome to my website. This is a place where I can put every my task, some photo when practice and my little story.

I was a …..

1. I’m vet candidates.
When someone asks why choosing a vet,
first I was confused to answer, and I said because I want to be a vet,
but now I’ve understood, vet is my passsion ,
I hope to be a good doctor someday

2. Love of journalism.
Like read the newspaper as a child, of the many newspapers only one that is really comfortable to read at that time, like reading children’s magazines all the parts I like.
When junior high school and high school I participated in extracurricular journalism, I learned to good writer, the habit till this day, a writer and editor of a book is another dream,
may be realized sometime in the future

3. Had a little art.
I can’t drawing, can’t singing, can’t playing music, can’t dancing.
But l love art, design, fashion, ect so much,

4.Avoid the political
and bureaucratic system.
politics is always complicated, there is no true friends in politics. bureaucratic system in my country never clear, always complicated. i hope someday there will be changes

5. Want to be extraordinary people.
Blood Type B, but is formed by way of blood A. Always regular and stiff. Expect a man who is more relaxed and able to behave and act not like most people.

The Last
Welcome reader and Enjoy read :))
Hopefully useful.