Research Diary : Isolated Thyroglobulin

Ready isolated thyroid. Thyroid then weighed and then crushed with a mortar and a few cold solution of cell membrane destruction. Then take part after the centrifuged supernatant, then added absolute ethanol in order to precipitate the protein. After waiting overnight did we obtain the protein thyroglobulin.


Research Diary : Collecting Thyroid Capra hircus

The first procedure we had to do to make animal models of autoimmune thyroiditis are looking thyroid from goats. We get it from the slaughter iwan in Karangploso. Thyroid we obtained then we enter the PBS solution Asida then stored in the freezer. Having considered then we are ready to isolate the protein from the thyroid to obtain thyroglobulin.


My Research Team

This month i start my research, i have big team, with broken heart girl, with unfocus boy, with extraordinary girl, with garrulous supervision and other different character people. But they are my new family. Laughing, eating, thinking, working and  reaching dreams together in joy and soorow.