February 13th, 2020

Logo is main part of branding. Logo is a symbol that indentify the brand, institution, and company. Logo can be called a good branding, if people sees the logo, they recognize and connect it to the product of the brand directly. This is why the logo of the brand is not easy to make, the logo should deliver the absolute message of the brand. The logo meaning can be “take” through several perspectives like the history of the logo(brand), company’s aspiration, and the company’s approach.


LOGO SEGMENTATION : The logo is segmented based on my opinion of the logo itself and the market brand segment.




Known as the ‘Swoosh’ – is the simplest logo imaginable, consisting of only two lines. Why nike logo is included on the high segmentation?

Based on my point of view, the “swoosh” as the nike logo is a symbol of success. Its a simple logo for a big brand, but the brand value of the logo is the important part that differ it from other logo(brand). The “swoosh” itself deliver the message successfully to the society, they directly recognize and connect it to the product of the logo(brand) without add “NIKE” word on the logo. When the society sees the nike logo, they tend  to connect it to the product, like the athletic equipments, sneakers, etc.

The brand market tend to target the product of athletic equipments and fashion. Nike product have a large scale for the market, larger than VANS and Ardiles.








Since the days of VANS being just a skateboarding label to it becoming a global fashion & lifestyle brand, the slogan ” OFF THE WALL” has remained a distinctive feature of this brand. Why the logo is included on the middle segmentation?

Based on the VANS emblem’s history “Off the wall” motto was included in the logotype. This motto came from the Californian skaters’ jargon. They used it to call the fancy tricks they performed in empty pools. In my perspective “Off the wall” motto is shifted in meaning, it deliver me a signal to see everything with more than one perspective, to see out of the box(off the wall).

Based on the history of the logo culture, the market of the brand is conical to the youth, which is for the skater uniform. Vans product have a large scale of market, but not as big as nike product that permeating to the athletic equipments.






Ardiles is a shoes and sandals company. The target market of the brand is student and general fashion. Based on my opinion for the logo is very simple and have the “GO FOR IT” jargon. The Ardiles logo include on the low segmentation because of its market that not as large as Nike and Vans scale. The ardiles product permeating in the Indonesia’s market, the logo deliver me a signal about the product that known well on the regional market, which is Indonesia.

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February 13th, 2020

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