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How Do I Fix “Your connection is not private” Problem in My Laptop


I almost gave up in my self and had decision to re-installed my laptop. My story began when I opened my laptop in yesterday morning, and started turn the browser on. And I was blank after I saw this (below).
I just mumbling, “what is that?” I didn’t know what happened. I tried to open Google, Gmail, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, and Twitter, but it’s not worked. But, I wondered to other website, like online media news, it’s worked and it’s opened. That’s absurd.

So, I tried to take another way to fix this problem. I borrowed my laptop’s sister and started to browse everything about how to fix “Your connection is not private” problem. I started from the Google Help center website with English, and it didn’t help me. And then continue to other sites with English and Indonesia Language.

I tried the procedures, step by step. And from those website, almost all the website said that the problem because of the computer’s inaccurate date and time. OK, I looked my date and time, and it’s fine, there’s no false, it’s accurate, it’s as same as with my handphone’s and sister’s laptop’s date & time. So, I shall try another step. I tried to re-install the browser, but I got nothing. And the next step. Unfortunately, I didn’t know then what I should do, because I couldn’t understand about SSL, HTTP Secure, Service Pack, Security Certificate, etc. I am not a student of Computer Science or Computer expert. Honestly I also couldn’t understand English well, so I opened the websites from Indonesia first, then English, but I got nothing. Anyway, thank you to them for the other information. Yeah, I gave up, I guess.


But. I can’t, I won’t give up like that. So I asked my friend about this problem, and he said maybe it was because of malware, so I tried to scan the computer with anti-virus, but it didn’t work too. Btw, thanks buddy.

After that I started to stalk, maybe there’s wrong something that I can see on my laptop. And then I saw a strange app on my taskbar, because I never saw it in advanced. So, without long-thought, I opened the Control Panel and uninstall it. I didn’t know what I should do then.

After 5 minutes later, I tried to open the browser, and I surprised my self. IT WORKS! Oh wait, I just thought, it was a malware. Oh my goodness, goodbye malware.

Above all, be careful if we want to install the applications in the laptop, because we don’t know what are those, especially to the common or nonexpert person, like me. OK! I will tell you that the application which bothered my browser, it is a application which has a rocket-shape, and known as Rocket Tab. But honestly, I was really not to see the application’s name clearly, because I did it spontaneously. I just looked the first name, it’s Rocket. So, I googling it. And I know then.

Rocket Tab is a unwanted program that hijacks web browsers and displays ads. So, be careful to the unwanted program or malware, guys.


That’s my story, what’s yours?

N.B. I’m so sorry for my English, I can’t spell, write, and speak English well. Thank you 🙂