Posted: 30th December 2011 by ade kurniawan in kuliah
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By Ade Kurniawan

1.I think YAKULT is big company which base on processing of product agriculture which can improve agriculture product (especially milk) added value with refer to process use modern equipments related to agriculture engineering. And the reason of me chosen PUSLITBANG because there is research center concerning natural resources especially about problem of water, where we earn to study management of correct water in its relation with agriculture irrigation and also other amount of water required (in general reason)


2. what we can learn from YAKULT one of them is the process of pasteurization with the modern technology and machine, handling of bacteria L. Casei Sirota Strain with a good method, processing bacterium with special treatment to be can yield product which good product for health. L. Casei Sirota Strain bacterial strains that can survive at the time of storage, production and packaging operation with massive amount to fulfill order, and handling of wastes effectively with utilizing waste Yakult production, so that waste doesn’t contamination of environment.


3. Development of bacterial strains include income L. Casei Sirota Strain raw material mixture, after which the process of pasteurization, then performed the fermentation process as well as the development of bacterial L. Casei Sirota Strain. later processing, including entry into the bottle, gift labels, packaging, and packing. then ready to be sent to the entire Indonesia


4. Type of hydrology, which in use to determine rainfall to know cycle of hidrologi so that we earn to maximize potency of water resources at one particular area, planning and arranging management of amount of water required for irrigation and other purpose.

Win a meter, which is in use to measure wind speed, so that we predicted rain, weather, and also develop new technology base on wind power.

Type of Climatology, that is in use to measure weather which can useful in arranging crop type which is compatible to be developed at one particular region utilize to avoid failure.

This type of water system, as a miniature irrigation and dams to manage water resources so can be channelled and used as maximum


5. for my next year suggest that to take place needn’t be too far from university if the place or company using same method or same product that nearer from university, so that energy and time which is castaway is not useless in road.